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Shaving Bar Cotton by Shampoo Bars

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Shaving Bar Cotton by Shampoo Bars

Maybe it's still in your bathroom; a large can of shaving cream. Now you can finally throw it out! This Shaving Bar is a fantastic plastic-free replacement without harmful ingredients and without waste. With fine natural ingredients.

Shaving cream without bottle
The foaming agent (not soap!) in the shaving bar is SCI. SCI is a natural foaming agent without sulfates extracted from coconut. The foam, in combination with soft additives, forms a nice feeling on your skin. The foam is easy to distribute and 'stays on the skin' so you have time to carefully start your shave.

Smooth skin due to caring ingredients
The combination of the sulfate-free foamer, butters and oils ensure that this Shaving Bar is very mild and gentle on your skin. Shaving is always an attack on your skin, but the pleasant foam and caring ingredients such as shea butter and various vegetable oils ensure that the razor glides easily over your skin without irritating the skin. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe vera.

Suitable for sensitive skin
The Shaving Bar is suitable for sensitive skin and therefore also for the skin of the intimate zone and the armpits and legs that are easily upset!

This bar is made by the brand Shampoo Bars. The brand offers a great plastic-free alternative to plastic bottles in the bathroom. The bars are handmade in Deventer (the Netherlands) and are more environmentally friendly than most regular shampoos and body washes. Curious about our experience with shampoo bars? Read it in our blog.