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Mini Drinks - Gin & Tonic Alcohol Free

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Digital drinks with your colleagues from home have become a new standard. So how appropriate is this gift box with drinks for one? Filled with vegetable chips and an alcohol-free Gin & Tonic you are ready for a tasty drink at the home office!

What's in this gift box?

Highball Classic G&T Alcohol Free 250ml

The classic Gin & Tonic is a real favourite. At Highball, they have blended the aroma and flavor notes of the juniper berry with a unique blend of botanicals. This fresh drink is exactly what a Gin & Tonic should be like; with the bitter bite of tonic and a hint of citrus. And it's completely alcohol-free.

Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives, vegan and gluten free.

Mr Filberts Olives Lemon & Oregano 65gr

This bag contains Greek Halkidiki olives, which are known for their crunchy texture and great taste. The olives, marinated with lemon and oregano before packaging, are free of added oil, meaning you can enjoy them right out of the package.

100% natural, without artificial additives and refined sugar, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

Mr Filberts Rosemary Almonds 40gr

Mr Filberts' Rosemary Almonds are almonds, but different. Spicy, sweet and savory in one, they are simply delicious. And it's all 100% natural, without artificial additives, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

GoPure Vegetable Chips 40gr

The tastiest organic vegetable chips, simply produced in the Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands. Each bag of GoPure vegetable chips contains a rich arsenal of carrots, beetroot, the 'forgotten' parsnip and sweet potato. It goes without saying that these organic vegetables are all batch-cooked in 100% organic sunflower oil. All they add is a pinch of sea salt. Tasty!