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Earth Friendly Gift Box

For the Whisky & Chili Lover

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The name says it all; a gift box for the whisky lover! Make your own whiskey flavored drink and enjoy it while having a tasty natural chili snack.

What's in this gift box?

Snippers Whiskey 350ml

Experiment away! With this Whiskey Snippers you can make your own whiskey with wood chips from used Scottish Whiskey barrels. Add your own clear liquor such as vodka or gin and the chips will slowly release their flavor and aroma. Just like maturing your drink in a whiskey barrel!

  • Add clear liquor, anything other than whiskey > 30% ALC/VOL
  • Store in a cool and dark place for at least 8 weeks
  • Filter the drink before drinking, never eat the wood chips
  • Enjoy your experiment responsibly

Mr Filberts Olives Chilli & Black Pepper 65gr

This bag contains Greek Halkidiki olives, which are known for their crunchy texture and great taste. These olives, marinated with chili and black pepper before packaging, are free of added oil, meaning you can enjoy them right out of the package.

100% natural, without artificial additives and refined sugar, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

Mr Filberts Mixed Nuts Chilli & Fennel 50gr

Mr Filbert's Chilli & Fennel Mixed Nuts is a fantastic blend of chipotle chili, fennel and black pepper, creating a deliciously spicy snack. The mix is ​​an excellent source of vegetable protein. And it's 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and without artificial additives.