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Avocado Lover

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For the real avocado lovers; a practical gift box to enjoy your avocados more and longer. And at the same time you contribute to the reduction of food waste.

What's in this gift box?

Single Avocado Hugger from FOOD HUGGERS

An environmentally friendly alternative to cling film; the Avocado Hugger. With this Hugger you can keep half an avocado fresh longer and it won't turn brown. The size of the Hugger is good for medium or large avocados and you can store avocados with or without pit.

The Avocado Hugger is made of safe silicone and is 100% BPA-free. The cover is dishwasher-safe and be used in the freezer and microwave. Good to know; it will last a lifetime. So you never have to waste avocado's again!

The Avocado Sock

Is your avocado not quite ripe yet? Knitted with 100% wool, this unique Avocado Sock is a natural way to make sure your avocados ripen quickly. It works very simply; put an unripe avocado in the sock, put it in a warm place and it will be good to eat within 24 hours. A must for every avocado lover.