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Earth Friendly Gift Box

Save the Rainforest

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Beauty products that save the rainforest? Check! In this gift box you'll find products by Fat Forest, a brand that makes deforestation-free skin care products which are rich in nourishing ingredients, carefully harvested from the rainforest. The box also contains a net bag from organic cotton which is perfect when shopping for package-aging free vegetables and fruits.

What's in this gift box?

Fat Forest Skin Bar Grapefruit (60 Gr)
Is it deodorant? Is it soap? It's body cream in a stick! Simply rub the stick over your skin, and that's it. This skin bar contains organic illipe butter and virgin coconut oil, which makes your skin feel super soft. It has the scent of fresh grapefruit, which is created with use of grapefruit peel essential oil. And another amazing thing about this bar; you contribute to help preserve 50m2 of rainforest!

Fat Forest Lip Balm Lemongrass-Mint (10 Gr)

A lip balm for every day, all day long. With a scent of Lemongrass-Mint, making it double as fresh. The mix of illipe butter, coconut oil, castor oil and beeswax ensures your lips stay smooth and hydrated. The scent is created with essential oils, making the lip balm 100% natural. Next to that it's palm oil free, not tested on animals and free from microplastics. And if that wasn't all; with this lip balm you contribute to help preserve 2.5 m2 of rainforest!

Bo Weevil Net Bag

Did your grandmother also carry a net bag like this? Completely back from the past and now an indispensable item when you go shopping. Get rid of plastic bags, you can easily put your fruit and vegetables in this net bag made of certified organic cotton.