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More Zen

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Become completely zen again with the relaxing products in this gift box. Enjoy a cup of tea and vegan chocolate while wearing a purifying face mask and rubbing your hands with natural hand cream. All after taking a relaxing shower with the shower foam from Naïf. Your own spa-at-home!

What's in this gift box?

Clipper Zen Again BIO (20 bags)

At Clipper, they make organic and fair trade tea so they can continue to do good things to support people and the planet. All of their products are made with pure, natural ingredients and a clear conscience.

Clipper's Zen Again is a wonderfully balanced, spa-inspired blend. A combination of the refreshing taste of lemongrass and the freshness of eucalyptus. A moment of reflection.

Naïf Bloom Shower Foam (200ML)

A cleansing, moisturizing shower foam with natural ingredients such as coconut fibres. This shower foam from Naïf has a wonderful, luxurious scent of jasmine and orange. Contains no SLS/SLES, microplastics, parabens and mineral oils.

The Dutch brand Naïf makes natural skin care. All their products are natural, sustainable and vegan. In addition, they do not contain ingredients that can harm people and the planet. Naïf is B-Corp certified and is committed to a better world when it comes to social impact, responsibility, transparency and sustainability. The packaging of their products is made of bioplastic based on cane sugar.

Nobó Smooth and creamy bar

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues we are forced to replace this flavour with the orange one.

At Nobó they make creamy chocolate, but without dairy and with much less sugar than regular milk chocolate. How do they do it? Using single-source cashew butter, mixed with the right amount of cocoa butter and coconut. In addition, they do not use refined white sugar, but unrefined organic coconut sugar, which is slightly gentler on the body. This bar has the taste of luxurious milk chocolate, always a favorite!

Nobó only uses organic cocoa beans from a plantation near Virunga National Park in Congo. Cocoa trees are planted in the buffer zone around Virunga National Park to create a sustainable source of income for the local communities and to protect the last remaining gorillas.

Hej Organic - The Everday Care Set (NATRUE-certified)

This beautiful care set consists of a fine Cactus lip care and hand cream from the brand Hej Organic. The products provide your skin with a lot of moisture. Thanks to the prickly pear seed oil and argan oil, the products make your hands and lips velvety soft and regeneration is supported. Ultimate protection against the harshness of the cold and, thanks to the prickly pear seed oil, also works as a natural sunscreen. Since all ingredients are natural, you can use the hand cream and lip balm as often as you want. A must-have for in your bag!

Hej Organic is a German cosmetics brand that makes natural care products from organic ingredients.

100% vegan and the products have a Vegan Trademark, which guarantees that all active ingredients, oils and liquids are vegetables and that the products are made without testing on animals.

The products do not contain PEG, SLS or parabens - synthetic colors and fragrances - kerosene, silicone and mineral oil. In addition, Hej Organic uses 100% essential oils as perfume and natural emulsifiers.

Hej Organic - The Unique Ghassoul Face and Decollete Mask (NATRUE Certified)

A pure and clean mask for your face and décolleté. Moroccan lava clay, also known as Ghassoul, has been considered the beauty secret of the East for thousands of years. Moroccan clay has a beautiful purifying effect that makes your complexion shine. While you wear it, it penetrates deep into your pores for an intense yet gentle clean. When you wash it off, it acts as an exfoliant at the same time, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft. In addition, Ghassoul has an anti-inflammatory and germicidal effect. As a result, it can fight blemishes or prevent them from occurring in the first place.