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TiaMo Seasongifts

Introduction to healthier snacking

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Is healthy snacking possible? Certainly! With this gift box you can introduce someone to healthier alternatives for snacks with refined sugars, making the step to a healthier life a bit easier.

What's in this gift box?

Lekkerny - #5 Banana & Coconut

Lekkerny makes dried fruit snacks out of misfits. 100% organic and no added sugars, a real healthy snack.

In this gift box we have chosen banana slices sprinkled with grated coconut. Why? The snack is nice and soft (which makes it easy to chew) and is full of dietary fiber, proteins and carbohydrates. A healthy energy boost!

Naturally Granola Signature 300gr

Accessible, tasty and yet unique. This granola from Naturally Granola is their "standard", but it's certainly different from what you see in the supermarket! Naturally Granola Signature is the ultimate combination of pure grains, luxurious nuts such as macadamia and pistachio, honey-like mulberries and other nuts and seeds. Lightly sweetened with date syrup and roasted with coconut oil. The granola is packed with fiber, proteins and nutrients. In addition, it originally contains no gluten (please note: the product cannot be characterized as gluten-free due to possible 'contamination') and no refined sugars. Perfect for a healthy start to the day.

Kate Percy's Coconut Date

A pack with two delicious energy balls from Kate Percy. The energy balls contain only four ingredients; sweet dates, juicy raisins, creamy coconut and oats. Nice to enjoy as a snack or when you enjoying a relaxing moment for yourself.

Kate Percy's Coconut Date are vegan and free from gluten, wheat, dairy and eggs. They contain no refined sugars, but a lot of gut-friendly fiber.

Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Lemon ORGANIC 250ml

Lo Bros Kombucha Raspberry & Lemon is a fruity, refreshing drink with natural ingredients that are good for your health. But what exactly is Kombucha? Kombucha is a sparkling tea with probiotic properties. The tea is fermented for a period of time to create a slightly sweet and sour sparkling drink. Eventually, kombucha is created; a drink with more than 100 million living cultures in a can. Very good for your intestinal flora!

The Kombucha from Lo Bros is organic, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Nobó Smooth and creamy disc

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues we are forced to replace this flavour with the seasalt one.

At Nobó they make creamy chocolate, but without dairy and with much less sugar than regular milk chocolate. How do they do it? Using single-source cashew butter, mixed with the right amount of cocoa butter and coconut. In addition, they do not use refined white sugar, but unrefined organic coconut sugar, which is slightly gentler on the body. This disc has the taste of luxurious milk chocolate, always a favorite!

Nobó only uses organic cocoa beans from a plantation near Virunga National Park in Congo. Cocoa trees are planted in the buffer zone around Virunga National Park to create a sustainable source of income for the local communities and to protect the last remaining gorillas.