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Friendly Start 1 - Coconut

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How can you make your life more sustainable? Where do you start? This gift box is a nice introduction to a more environmentally friendly and healthier life. Enjoy a healthy breakfast with an organic cup of tea and experience how you can make your daily shower (more) plastic-free.

Please note: this gift box contains a 'fresh' product; the granola. We tend to keep only small quantaties of this product in stock as we want to deliver it to you as fresh as possible. It can therefore sometimes take 1 extra day before we can send you your gift box.

What's in this gift box?

Naturally Granola Floral Fig 300gr

This granola with flowers and figs from Naturally Granola is delicious! The variant has been specially developed so that everyone, with any diet, can enjoy a healthy and responsible breakfast. Naturally Granola Floral Fig is full of different seeds and has a subtle taste of orange blossom, topped with freeze-dried figs. The granola is nut-free and vegan. In addition, it originally contains no gluten (please note: the product cannot be characterized as gluten-free due to possible 'contamination') and no refined sugars. Perfect for a healthy start of the day.

Clipper Zen Again BIO (20 bags)

At Clipper, they make organic and fair trade tea so they can continue to do good things to support people and the planet. All of their products are made with pure, natural ingredients and a clear conscience.

Clipper's Zen Again is a wonderfully balanced, spa-inspired blend. A combination of the refreshing taste of lemongrass and the freshness of eucalyptus. A moment of reflection.

Body Bar Coconut

Feel like you are on holiday in Thailand with this fantastic Body Bar Coconut. Nourishing and caring for your skin, it's is a must for the shower. This bar is vegan and free from parabens and silicones.

The Shampoo Bars brand offers a great plastic-free alternative to plastic bottles in the bathroom. The bars are handmade in Deventer (the Netherlands) and are more environmentally friendly than most regular shampoos and body washes. Curious about our experience with shampoo bars? Read it in our blog.


A handy bag for your bars, made of durable ramie fabric. Thanks to the loop on the bag, you can easily attach it to a small hook or your shower, so that the bars have a chance to dry.

To use the bar you can take it out of the bag, but you can also use it with the shampoo bar still in the bag. The bar will foam in the bag if you rub it with water.

Colored keychain (size small) from Return to Sender

With this colorful keychain from Return to Sender you will never lose your keys again. Return to Sender's mission is to help women build a life for themselves and their families through fair and sustainable trade. Return to Sender's revenue goes straight back to the maker (hence "Return to Sender"), which contributes to better pay for women.

This unique handmade pendant is made by women from the Nepalese capital Kathmandu and surroundings. They make the felt fabric by hand in the traditional way. Wool turns into felt through a combination of heat, moisture and pressure. So it is not just a key ring, but one that allows you to really contribute to a better world.

Blossombs mini pack 4 pieces

Create a colorful flower garden for bees and butterflies with this Blossombs mini pack. Blossombs are colorful flower 'bombs' made in the Netherlands with 100% natural ingredients such as clay, nutrients, color pigments and an organic - especially for bees and butterflies - composed seed mix of wild flowers.

Throw the Blossombs anywhere you want flowers; in the garden, in a pot on the balcony or on a piece of land, wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and after a few weeks you, the bee and the butterflies will enjoy the most colorful flowers!

Sowing period: March to September