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Botma & van Bennekom Scented Sachet

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Botma & van Bennekom Scented Sachet

Place this scented sachet in your wardrobe or linen closet and it will smell wonderful. The bag is full of soap shavings that they make from the leftover caps of their soap loaves after cutting. This way they don't waste a single bar of soap and you can enjoy the wonderful, natural scents of their soaps everywhere in your home.

Botma & van Bennekom also give you a recipe on the packaging to make your own detergent from the soap shavings. This gives the soap shavings another function after the smell has passed!

Botma & van Bennekom is a company that breathes sustainability. Their natural soaps and care products are made by hand from organic ingredients. They strive for a sustainable, conscious world free of products that are harmful to people, animals and the environment. Therefore, only the purest ingredients are good enough to be processed. Everything they produce is free of SLS, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, palm oil, not tested on animals and produced as sustainably as possible.