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A-Journal My Journal Agenda 2023 - Lilac

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The agenda is full of checklists. For everyone who loves lists and plans. Clear your head, fill your journal.

For everyone who loves planning and making lists, there is now the new My journal agenda 2023. The agenda full of handy checklists, to do's, not to do's, ideas and goals, but also all holiday plans and time for friends and family can be planned well with the help of the lists. So if you don't want to forget anything, just think about my-journal. That gives you space in your head. For new ideas, for example.

Version: hardcover with soft touch
Size: 16 x 21.5 cm
Weight: 378 grams
+ Weekly overviews
+ Monthly overviews
+ Full of handy checklists
+ Reading ribbon
+ Space for notes
+ Duration: Dec 26, 2022 to Jan 14, 2024