Our Mission


In general we like to give someone a present, as it makes the other person (usually!) feel good. But too often we don't think about the consequences of what we buy. Where and how is it produced? Have responsible materials been used? Is this a product that will be used or is it gathering dust in the cupboard? In short: what is the effect of my purchase? The climate crisis is getting bigger and our current buying behavior does not contribute to a solution, it even leaves a large mark on our ecosystem.

Buying sustainable at all times is certainly not easy these days, especially not due to the wide range of non-durable and cheap products. We want to make it easier for you to make your purchasing behavior more sustainable and to be an inspiration to others through your sustainable gifts.


Our goal is to make people aware of sustainable choices and possibilities, by making sustainable products more accessible and attractive. We only work with products that we support, explain why we support them and share our knowledge with you.

Because we realize that practical examples are even more inspiring, we communicate openly and actively about our own initiatives to make the world a little better.


We create gift boxes composed of sustainable products to consumers and companies, from small to large and all year round. Our gift boxes are great as gifts, Christmas gifts or promotional gifts. The message you give is that you want to pass on a better world to the next generation.

Onze Missie