About Us

2021 - The start of Earth Friendly Gift Box

It's 2021. Chris, owner of TiaMo Seasongifts - a company in Christmas and promotional gifts, is thinking of making her business more sustainable. TiaMo Seasongifts is originating from 2005 and was bought by Chris in 2018, with the idea in mind to make the gifting industry more sustainable.

After an intense coaching journey Chris comes up with the concept of Earth Friendly Gift Box: gift boxes that inspire people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

As motivation is thriving, the new concept is implemented quickly with the help of a team of motivated people. TiaMo Seasongifts operations are slowly being brought to the background.

The new webshop with the first Earth Friendly Gift Boxes launches in August. After receiving enthusiastic feedback, it soon became apparent that there should also be a webshop for consumers. The necessary adjustments are made and earthfriendlygiftbox.com launches in November.

2022 - Going international

TiaMo Seasongifts officially trades under the name Earth Friendly Gift Box since January 2022. The range of gift boxes is evaluated, expanded and changed monthly with products that we really support and with which you can genuinely inspire others.

In August 2022 it is decided that people should be able to create their own Earth Friendly Gift Boxes (yay!). The concept is launched shortly after. At the same time we also made another adjustment; you can now also order products seperately. 

We believe we should make more impact and Earth Friendly Gift Box is therefore expanding internationally. It's now possible to order from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We expect to be able to ship to other EU countries soon.

Foto's door Loes Schutte Fotografie & Roos Hijmans