What healthy eating can do for you

What healthy eating can do for you

Do you know anyone in your community that actually feels healthy and full of energy? I don’t (with the exemption of my family). Basically everyone I know suffers of some kind of pain, tiredness or suffers from being overweight. Our Western society is not healthy. Next to increasing cases of diabetes, heart problems and cancer-related diseases, there’s also an increase of mental health problems. All of them are directly linked to our current eating habits. Big food companies say to be healthy or keep on seducing us with their sweet products, when their products do incredible damage to our health (hello dairy industry and Coca-Cola).

Change is necessary for the human species to survive and eating healthier is a start. It does not only make our bodies and mental state healthier, it also stimulates better ways of farming which are much more sustainable. Getting back to you; what benefits will you experience from healthy eating? I’ve listed 5 motivators in this blog and I hope it will make you think differently about your current eating habits!

My own motivation

This time last year I was very unfit. My back was hurting so bad that I spend my days working lying down on the couch with my laptop (as sitting was too painful). I was tired all the time and migraines started to become more and more regular. I was stressed out and felt horrible, also because I had difficulties helping my 3-year old son with daily activities such as getting dressed.

One day I could barely get up from the couch and a voice inside told me “this is enough”. I did some research and scheduled an appointment for an orthomolecular test to check any intolerances and nutritional shortages. A few weeks later I received the results and it was shocking: I had many shortages, stresslevels that were way too high and many intolerances that put my body, in combination with too much stress, on the edge of a burnout. I needed to work on stress relief, but also on the fact that I was giving my body the wrong food. Implementing healthy eating habits became a must in order to feel better.

What is healthy eating?

Each body is different and there has been much research done on healthy eating habits. I prefer to stick to the philosophy from the Wildfit program, which has been created by Eric Meades and looks not only at the nutritional needs of the human body, but also at your emotions and emotional eating habits. The program is a mix of paleo and veganism, and makes you realize how much the increase of your intake of nutritional values, such as vegetables, is needed to ensure your body works the way it should. (side note: it doesn’t include counting calories!)

Thanks to Wildfit, my definition of healthy eating is as follows:

  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • No refined sugar
  • No soy
  • Less meat
  • Less caffeine

You might think these are very drastic changes in your life, and to be honest, they probably are. But as mentioned, I personally have experienced great changes and benefits from applying these rules. What can you expect when you implement them?

The benefits of healthy eating

So what are the benefits of eating healthy, according to my definition? The effects go much further than you can ever imagine, but I’ve managed to summarize five.

  1. No more pain/headaches

This is one of the main reasons why you should start taking care of your body; to get rid of the pain and other ailments. You have to start realizing that your body is made to be healthy and fit, not to be ill. Give it the right ‘ingredients’ and your body will recover/heal itself, meaning you don’t have to feel pain ever again (unless you hurt yourself and break your arm for example😊)!

  1. More energy

“I’m so tired all the time” – Isn’t everyone tired these days? And it’s such a shame, because when you eat healthy and work on your mental health, I’m confident you don’t have to feel tired anymore. Can you imagine waking up before your alarm clock and feel full of energy? Or going through a day without needing a 4pm-nap? It’s all possible.

  1. Your mental health improves

Positive feelings, clearer thinking and being more alert; these are just a few mental improvements you will experience from healthy eating. It will be easier to deal with negative vibes as they will have less effect on you, which is especially important these days as many people suffer from burnouts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just feel happy? And focus on your work or other tasks when you would like to?

  1. Feeling comfortable in your body

Being comfortable in your own body is super important for your confidence. It’s also a great motivator for me personally. For the first time since I can remember (in my 33 years), I actually feel comfortable in my own body. Sure, my pregnancy has left its marks, but I can fit in the clothes I like and I don’t feel ashamed walking around in a bikini on the beach the way that I used to. Because of healthy eating I also carry around a lot less weight, which makes cycling, dancing, walking and doing yoga a whole lot easier. It gives you confidence and this confidence shows!

  1. No pimples/acne or eczema

Have spots or eczema on your face or body can make you feel very ashamed. You might want to avoid certain social occasions and you can feel very insecure. Of course having one pimple every once in a while is just natural, but not having to worry about them anymore just feels great. How is this linked to healthy eating? It’s simple: your skin reflects your intestinal flora. When you give your body the right foods, your colons are happy and will work the way they should. They don’t constantly have to fight infections all the time, which are caused by unhealthy (sugary) foods. And your acne and eczema will disappear.

Improve your life

I hope my explanation of the benefits will also motivate you to look at your eating habits and improve them where possible. However, my advice is to take small steps, as it will take time to understand your current eating habits and to adjust them. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but choose wisely and stay consistent. It took me about a year to be completely confident with my new eating habits and to let the opinions of others in regards to these habits not matter anymore. Because yes, you will get ‘feedback’ from the ones that are close to you and that might not always be motivating. Change to healthy eating habits because YOU want to and YOU will experience the benefits.

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