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Earth Friendly Gift Box

Let's Celebrate a Special Moment

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Are you looking for a sustainable gift for a celebration such as wedding or jubilee? This is your box! It has all the ingredients for a celebratory occassion and we're confident that the Magnum bottle with organic wine in this box will be much appreciated. It's Just Fucking Good!

Tip: Would you like to add a postcard to this gift box? View our (flowering!)cards here

What's in this gift box?

Neleman Just Fucking Good Wine Organic - White MAGNUM (1.5 liter)

You have wine and then there's wine from Neleman. This company is so incredibly good at sustainability and its wines are just beautiful. Organic, delicious and honest. This dry white wine is tasty, spicy and complex. It really deserves your attention when you drink it so you can fully enjoy it. We've added a magnum bottle in this gift box.

The rating of this wine in the Grote Hamersma is very good: 9. A must-try!

Nobó Salty Caramel Bar

PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply chain issues we are forced to replace this with Tony's Chocolonely

At Nobó they make creamy chocolate, but without dairy and with much less sugar than regular milk chocolate. How do they do it? Using single-source cashew butter, mixed with the right amount of cocoa butter and coconut. In addition, they do not use refined white sugar, but unrefined organic coconut sugar, which is slightly gentler on the body. This bar has a salty caramel flavour, the favorite of many!

Nobó only uses organic cocoa beans from a plantation near Virunga National Park in Congo. Cocoa trees are planted in the buffer zone around Virunga National Park to create a sustainable source of income for the local communities and to protect the last remaining gorillas.

Mr Filberts Olives Lemon & Oregano 65gr

This bag contains Greek Halkidiki olives, which are known for their crunchy texture and great taste. The olives, marinated with lemon and oregano before packaging, are free of added oil, meaning you can enjoy them right out of the package.

100% natural, without artificial additives and refined sugar, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

Mr Filberts Mixed Nuts Sea Salt & Herb 50gr

There is hardly a better snack than this one. Sea Salt & Herb Mixed Nuts from Mr Filberts is a great mix of peanuts, almonds and cashews, sprinkled with delicious spices. And it's 100% natural, without artificial additives, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

Mr Filberts Mixed Nuts Honey & Peppercorn 50gr

The Mixed Nuts Honey & Peppercorn from Mr Filberts is a combination of sweet honey, pink peppercorns and nuts, resulting in a wonderful sweet and savory snack. It's 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and without artificial additives.

Olly's Pretzels Sesame 35gr

These plant-based pretzels are made from the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. The pretzels are thin, crispy and covered in tasty sesame seeds. Olly's puts health, taste and sustainability at the heart of making their products. They produce as energy efficient as possible and it is even possible to send your empty Olly's packaging directly to them, so that Olly's (in collaboration with Terracycle) can recycle the packaging and give it a new life.

These Olly's pretzels are vegan.