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TiaMo Seasongifts

Happy Birthday Beer

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Happy Birthday! The birthday girl or boy can have a party-for-one with the products in this gift box. Put up the flags, light a candle and have a drink. This gift box is very suitable to surprise someone you might don't know that well, such as a  colleague or an acquaintance. But we're confident that it will also be a nice suprise for a friend or relative.

Tip: Would you like to add a postcard to this gift box? View our (flowering!)cards here.  It's also possible to send packages to multiple addresses.

What's in this gift box?

Blossombs mini pack 2 pieces

Create a colorful flower garden for bees and butterflies with this Blossombs mini pack. Blossombs are colorful flower 'bombs' made in the Netherlands with 100% natural ingredients such as clay, nutrients, color pigments and an organic - especially for bees and butterflies - composed seed mix of wild flowers.

Throw the Blossombs anywhere you want flowers; in the garden, in a pot on the balcony or on a piece of land, wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and after a few weeks you, the bee and the butterflies will enjoy the most colorful flowers!

Sowing period: March to September

Candle by Kaarsje.Es (note: we work with an assortment of bright colors such as pink, yellow, orange, purple and green. It is not possible to indicate a preference in advance.)

Recently we came across these fun, colorful candles from Kaarsje.Es via Instagram and it became clear instantly; We also want these in our gift boxes! The candles are dipped by hand in Enschede, The Netherlands (our home since August 2021!) and are great for the local or Dutch touch to your gift box.

Superwaste - ParTea flags

No more plastic flags with the sustainable flag garland from the Superwaste brand. Put up the garland yourself and when your party is over, you store the flags in the additional envelope! The flags are made from recycled tea bags from India. As a result, each garland has a unique print, depending on the tea plantation where the tea bags come from. Original and sustainable in one!

Lowlander Beer Cool Earth Lager 4% 330ml (two cans)

With every can of Cool Earth Lager that Lowlander sells, they add a plant to a seagrass meadow. That means you're helping to reduce carbon, protect marine life and tackle global warming - all while enjoying this uniquely crisp and exceptionally refreshing lager brewed with lemongrass. And good to know; it's gluten-free.

Tony's Chocolonely Pure Almond Sea Salt 180gr

Insanely delicious chocolate and a very important mission to make 100% slave-free the norm in the chocolate industry. According to experts, Tony's Chocolonely Pure Almond Sea Salt is the favorite among men. Bitter taste, supplemented with almonds and a hint of sea salt. What's not to like?