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Earth Friendly Gift Box

For the Mommy to be 2

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Every support is welcome when you're on the road to becoming a mom. This gif box has been designed to provide much needed relaxation for the mommy-to-be, by not only taking care of yourself and your body, but also to bring convenience and a relaxing activity. It contains a natural pregnancy balm, calming organic tea, flower bombs for your garden and a grocery bag from organic cotton.

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What's in this gift box?

Mama Blend by Lemon Poppy Tea

When we first met Edvina the creator of Lemon Poppy Tea, we were inspired. Not only the tea is unique, organic and delicious but also the packaging of the tea is amazingly sustainable and well-thought-through. We absolutely love it!

What is the Mama Blend?

Soothing and relaxing - a sweet quiet moment just for you mom. Loaded with minerals and antioxidants to take care of you while you take care of everyone else. Stay hydrated, stay calm day and night.

Notes: soft, buttery, sweet and fresh afternote

Ingredients: Mountain Tea (Sideritis Raeseri)*, Marigold (Calendula Officinalis)**, Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla)**, Lavender (Lavandula Officinale)**

*Wild growing herb

**Product of organic farming 

MAMA BLEND bag contains:

  • 25 cups / 10 pots of tea 1l 
  • 100% organic fairly sourced herbal and floral teas
  • Hand-packed with care in Amsterdam
  • Plastic-free, tree-friendly, reusable and recyclable packaging

Naïf Soothing Pregnancy Belly Balm (100ML)

A soothing, natural pregnancy balm that supports the natural process of your growing belly and the rest of the body. The balm contains shea butter and sam oil for a nourishing effect, but also jojoba oil which reduces the risk of stretch marks. In addition, the balm helps the body relax with a subtle floral scent (nausea proof!).

Contains no hormones, essential oils, microplastics, alcohol, silicones, parabens and mineral oils.

The Dutch brand Naïf makes natural skin care. All their products are natural, sustainable and vegan. In addition, they do not contain ingredients that can harm people and the planet. Naïf is B-Corp certified and is committed to a better world when it comes to social impact, responsibility, transparency and sustainability. The packaging of their products is made of bioplastic based on cane sugar.

Bo Weevil Net Bag

Did your grandmother also carry a net bag like this? Completely back from the past and now an indispensable item when you go shopping. Get rid of plastic bags, you can easily put your fruit and vegetables in this net bag made of certified organic cotton.

Blossombs Gift Box 9 pieces

Create a colorful flower garden for bees and butterflies with this Blossombs gift box. Blossombs are colorful flower 'bombs' made in the Netherlands with 100% natural ingredients such as clay, nutrients, color pigments and an organic - especially for bees and butterflies - composed seed mix of wild flowers.

Throw the Blossombs anywhere you want flowers; in the garden, in a pot on the balcony or on a piece of land, wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and after a few weeks you, the bee and the butterflies will enjoy the most colorful flowers!

Sowing period: March to September