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TiaMo Seasongifts

Drinks with friends - Beer & Hard Seltzer

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With this gift box you not only opt for a more conscious way of having a drink, you also tackle global warming at the same time.

What's in this gift box?

Lowlander Beer Cool Earth Lager 4% 330ml (two cans)

With every can of Cool Earth Lager that Lowlander sells, they add a plant to a seagrass meadow. That means you're helping to reduce carbon, protect marine life and tackle global warming - all while enjoying this uniquely crisp and exceptionally refreshing lager brewed with lemongrass. And good to know; it's gluten-free.

Rebottled Tumbler 2-pack color transparent

Rebottled upcycles empty wine bottles into drinking glasses. In this gift box you will find a set of 2 transparent glasses. They are of Dutch design, 100% circular, locally produced and of high quality. By using these drinking glasses you reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption and energy emissions. And if that's not all, Rebottled also creates social workplaces in their factory.

Stone Fizz Hard Seltzer Lime Ginger Cucumber 4.5% 330ml

Stone Fizz was founded in 2020 by two beer brewers from Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Their goal? Making real brewed hard seltzers, with natural ingredients.

Mr Filberts Olives Lemon & Oregano 65gr

This bag contains Greek Halkidiki olives, which are known for their crunchy texture and great taste. The olives, marinated with lemon and oregano before packaging, are free of added oil, meaning you can enjoy them right out of the package.

100% natural, without artificial additives and refined sugar, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

Mr Filberts Mixed Nuts Sea Salt & Herb 50gr

There is hardly a better snack than this one. Sea Salt & Herb Mixed Nuts from Mr Filberts is a great mix of peanuts, almonds and cashews, sprinkled with delicious spices. And it's 100% natural, without artificial additives, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.

GoPure Classic Chips Salted 40gr

The tastiest organic chips, simply produced in the Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands. This variant is cooked in 100% organic sunflower oil and contains nothing else besides a pinch of sea salt. And it's nice and crunchy too.