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Christmas Drinks - Red Wine

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During the holidays we like to have a drink and with this gift box you give a great, sustainable one! Delicious organic wine, tasty responsible snacks and a little Christmas, all in one.

Please note: Delivery will be possible from 1st December 2022, however, it is already possible to place your order now. We recommend pre-ordering especially for businesses.

What's in this gift box?

Neleman Tempranillo Monastrell Organic 350ml

You have wine and then there's wine from Neleman. This company is so incredibly good at sustainability and its wines are just beautiful. Organic, delicious and honest. This red wine is light and fruity, making it accessible and pairing well with many starters and main courses. In this gift box you will find a small bottle of 350ml, perfect for two glasses of wine.

Blossombs - Christmas Pendant (note: comes in assorted colors & sizes! It is not possible to indicate a preference in advance.)

Create a wildflower garden for bees and butterflies with this Blossombs Christmas pendant. Blossombs are colorful flower 'bombs' made in the Netherlands with 100% natural ingredients such as clay, nutrients and color pigments and an organic - especially for bees and butterflies - composed seed mix of wild flowers.

You can hang this pendant in the tree during the holidays and afterwards you can throw the Blossomb everywhere you want flowers; in the garden, in a pot on the balcony or on a piece of land. Wait for the rain (or use a watering can) and after a few weeks you, the bee and the butterflies will enjoy the most colorful flowers!

Sowing period: March to September

Our little secret: keep the pendant and order individual Blossombs next year to refill it with!

Tony's Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt 50gr

Insanely delicious chocolate and a very important mission to make 100% slave-free the norm in the chocolate industry. Tony's Chocolonely Caramel Sea Salt is favorite among chocolate lovers. And of course we would like to share that with you, so you will find a small bar in this box. To enjoy with your cocktail!

Mr Filberts Mixed Nuts Honey & Peppercorn 50gr

The Mixed Nuts Honey & Peppercorn from Mr Filberts is a combination of sweet honey, pink peppercorns and nuts, resulting in a wonderful sweet and savory snack. It's 100% natural, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and without artificial additives.

Mr Filberts Olives Chilli & Black Pepper 65gr

This bag contains Greek Halkidiki olives, which are known for their crunchy texture and great taste. These olives, marinated with chili and black pepper before packaging, are free of added oil, meaning you can enjoy them right out of the package.

100% natural, without artificial additives and refined sugar, vegan, gluten- and dairy free.


Candle by Kaarsje.Es (note: we work with an assortment of bright colors such as pink, yellow, orange, purple and green. It is not possible to indicate a preference in advance.)

Recently we came across these fun, colorful candles from Kaarsje.Es via Instagram and it became clear instantly; We also want these in our gift boxes! The candles are dipped by hand in Enschede, The Netherlands (our home since August 2021!) and are great for the local or Dutch touch to your gift box.