Is your payment safe?

We use the most secure SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) to protect all personal information. SSL is the standard for payments over the internet and is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and other popular browsers. SSL encrypts sensitive information before it is sent over the internet.

Which payment methods can you use?

  • IDeal
  • Creditcard
  • Paypal

Finding Earth Friendly Giftbox & getting in touch with Chris has been one of the best things to
happen this last quarter. I wanted to vamp up the gifts that colleagues receive for various occasions, whether it be birthdays, promotions, moving homes, or even welcoming a new family member.

Chris has been so kind to help curate these boxes and listen to any thoughts or feedback I have had.

From a company who values sustainability, Earth Friendly Giftbox helps us continue our journey with it. Not to mention that even if I'm late with a notice, I can expect my order within a day or two! 

- Nana Korsgaard, 3devo B.V.