Our Mission


The climate crisis is getting bigger and our current buying behavior does not contribute to a solution, it actually leaves a large mark on our ecosystem. In a world where overconsumption has become the norm, we as Earth Friendly Gift Box want to bring change. Change in buying behavior, where you take into account the consequences of what you buy.

We must say, in an ideal world, one without barely any consumption, our company wouldn’t have to exist. But we’re still a long way from that and we have to find a solution in the meantime. So we offer a small step to something bigger; a sustainable world. That’s why we’ve created Earth Friendly Gift Box. To enter a world where you can give guilt-free and Earth Friendly.


Our goal is to change behavior by making sustainable products more accessible and attractive. Buying sustainable at all times is certainly not easy these days, especially not due to the wide range of non-durable and cheap products. We only work with products that we support, explain why we support them and share our knowledge with you. This makes it easier to make your purchasing behavior more sustainable. It also allows you to be an inspiration to others through your sustainable gifts. This way we can improve quality of life for everyone.


We create gift boxes with sustainable, European products for consumers and companies. You can create your own gift box to ensure our products caters exactly to your sustainable needs.

Our gift boxes are great as a gift to friends, family, colleagues or yourself. But they are also important for businesses, as this allows the company to create a positive impact on their coworkers lives.