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Would you like to inspire your co-workers to lead a more sustainable life? We can help you with that!

Prices & VAT

The prices on our website are including VAT. We work with a combination of 9% and 21% VAT for most of our gif boxes. Please give us a shout if you are interested in prices excluding VAT.


Our internal processes are designed in such a way that we can handle large volumes, completely personalized. You can personalize your order by:

  • Creating a customized gift box: This means you don’t order a pre-assembled gift box in our web shop, but you can personally choose the products you would like in the gift box. It’s also possible to make distinctions within the same order, for example: box type A for managers, box type B for the HR department and box type C for the rest.
  • Add a flower card designed in your corporate identity or personalized with a text.
  • Delivery to multiple addresses, making home delivery possible.

It’s also possible that we add your own company card or letter to your chosen gift box, however, due to our planning this will have to be discussed with us first before placing an order.


We offer 3 options when it comes to delivery of your order:

  1. Via parcel service to 1 address (only small volumes)
  2. Via pallet carrier to 1 address
  3. Via parcel service to multiple addresses, we use this option mainly when you would like to deliver gift boxes to the home addresses of your co-workers

Option 2 & 3 can also be combined on the same order

We deliver in consultation with you and can work with specific delivery dates when shipping with pallet carrier. This makes it also possible to place orders long before the actual delivery date, such as Christmas orders. However, please take into account it will take at least a week to get gift boxes ready for shipping when ordering large volumes.

Delivery costs can be found here.

Fun fact: Earth Friendly Gift Box originally started as a supplier of corporate gifts, with a focus on Christmas gifts in 2005. Back then we only operated under the name “TiaMo Seasongifts”. Our roots are not forgotten and the knowledge and skills that we’ve learned over the past 17 years are still being applied today.

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