5 tips to start your morning right

5 tips to start your morning right

In my previous blog I wrote about how you can take better care of yourself, but what if you can also start your morning relaxed but productive? Taking care of yourself is personal sustainability; because if you're not comfortable in your own skin, you can't do anything for others. And a good start of the day can help you enormously!

This week I'm following the course #productivityonfleek by Celine Charlotte van ’t Wout and her C.Academy. Thanks  to her course I started experimenting with my own mornings and now I start the day well, productive, relaxed and cheerful! Such a blissful morning is great for everyone. Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and do you not feel like you'll be enjoying your day? Maybe my tips can help you so that you can start your morning right.

  1. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier

In Celine Charlotte's course she talks about getting up at 5 a.m. and then going to work (her focus hours). My first response was; that is way too early! But the more I thought about it, the more I actually liked this idea. Before I became a mom and had to deal with sleep deprivation, I used to be a morning person. In the morning I can concentrate well and if I can work very focused from 5 a.m. – 6 a.m., this brings me a lot during the day. But getting up at 5 a.m. also means being in bed at 9 p.m. That was quite on time in my world, until I started evaluating my evening. Because what do you do at night?

Since corona came into our lives two years ago, I have to say that my evenings have become quite simple. A little yoga, a little meditation and Netflix. I'm really a Netflix series binge-watch person; If I like a serie, I prefer to watch all the episodes in a row. I can be watching for two to three hours in one evening. It brings relaxation, but two or three hours in an evening? That's actually quite a lot. Especially since I don't learn much from it, so it has little added value in my life. So I decided to bring this time down to a maximum of one hour and give it a try. From now on I will go to bed at 9 pm and get up at 5 am. I can already tell you: it's life changing.

It is such a great feeling to be productive early in the morning! It's a great motivator to get out of bed and because the rest of the house (and your neighbourhood) is still asleep, you will not be disturbed during your work at all. I can be concentrated and focused. Now I don't want to work 7 mornings in a row, so in the weekends I decided to convert this hour into a yoga & meditation hour or a self-development hour. A productive morning every day, guarantees a smoother course of the rest of the day!

  1. Drink a large glass of water

This advice didn't come before the course, but has become a habit after following Eric Meades' Wildfit program. A very simple way to hydrate yourself in the morning: drink a large glass of water just after getting up. Do this at least half an hour before breakfast. WIth this glass of water you rinse your body, start the morning hydrated and you will feel more awake / fitter. It is advisable to also drink about 2 liters of water the rest of the day and a large glass in the morning gives you a great start!

  1. Have a healthy breakfast

Tip number three comes from my own experiences. If you want to start your day well, a good breakfast is actually paramount (unless you do intermittent fasting). Your breakfast turns your body on and ensures that all processes in your body start up again. Don't overload your body with sugar in the morning, but give it the nutritional values it needs to start the morning sharp and energetic. You can think of a green smoothie with an egg or an oatmeal bowl with banana and coconut milk. Don't want to spend so much time on breakfast? Then consider the granola from Naturally Granola, which can be found in these gift boxes from the “Good Morning” collection.

  1. No coffee

This advice also comes from Eric Meades' Wildfit program. I'm not going to make friends with this statement, but try avoiding coffee. Coffee, as you know, contains caffeine and caffeine stimulates the release of the stress hormone adrenaline in the brain. This makes you feel unnecessarily more stressed. Although you feel less tired and can concentrate better, coffee does not make you more relaxed. And being relaxed is just so much better for your body! Because, as I stated in my previous blog, stress is the main cause of illness. So do you want to get through the morning relaxed and well? Then say goodbye to your best friend Coffee. Rather drink an extra glass of water or a cup of herbal tea. That extra hydration also makes you sharp!

  1. Preparation

Tip number 5 is one that I once came up with myself and have been using in my life for years. They always say, 'good preparation is half the battle'. And that is really the case if you want to start your morning well. Prepare in the evening for the day after. What does that mean? Get your clothes ready (so you don't have to worry about choice), pack your bag and prepare for breakfast. There is nothing better than to 'zoom' through the morning and that everything runs smoothly so that you start the day without rushing. It also gives time to respond to unforeseen events without getting stressed, which is especially helpful with young children (like that cup of water tipped over on the table or the discussion of why wearing flip flops isn't a good idea in winter; -)).

Relaxed yet productive

This was my advice on how to start your morning; very relaxed but still very productive because you get up early and make the necessary preparations the night before. It gives me a good, happy feeling and energy for the rest of the day and I'm sure it will give you the same.

I'm curious; are you going to give some of my advice a try? Or do you have any tips for me so I can start my day even better? Please let me know! Send me an email or comment on Instagram. Because by sharing our knowledge we can help each other!