Why spirituality and sustainability go so well together

Why spirituality and sustainability go so well together

1,5 years ago I made the decision to start Earth Friendly Gift Box. My intuition was telling me to change my current business and make it more sustainable. So I did. But what I didn’t realize at first, is that I was already in the process of changing long before this decision. My sustainable idea didn’t come in a day, but it was a path I had started walking on years before while being guided by the Universe (or higher power, if you prefer to use that term).

The pandemic

Ever since Covid-19 hit the world my life has changed drastically. I remember in the first few weeks of the lockdown in the Netherlands I decided to start with coaching. Being coached that is, personally via Zoom. A real eye-opener. At the same time I started questioning life more, as if the arrival of Covid finally gave me a chance to ‘pause’ and rethink my life.

I worked on my eating habits, rediscovered yoga, bought a journal, practiced gratitude, watched documentaries on spirituality, listened to inspiring podcasts and started meditation. Additionally I’ve done Cacao and Ayahuasca ceremonies to find the love within me. I can safely say that the past 2,5 years I’ve done more self-development than ever and it has made me much more aware of my surroundings and spirituality.

But what does this have to do with sustainability? Well, everything.

Mindset is key to a better world

Meditation, journalling and practicing gratitude are all mindful activities that I practice daily. It makes me feel better and understand myself more. I feel good (most days) and try to radiate more positive energy. But also my mindset has changed. I don’t judge people the way I used to and I listen to my intuition. This has made me a different person with a different mindset. I love more and I’m more understanding and respectful. To nature, other people and myself. And this is where sustainability comes in.

If we work on our mindset and become more caring, loved and respectful, we treat each other and the world better. Love replaces fear and following our intuition will be the norm. We become aware of burn-out and other stress symptoms that make us feel depressed and worthless, and we find a way of dealing with them. The need for experiences will replace materialism and we develop into positive human beings that consume consciously. We reflect on the things we need, buy and use, and this makes us automatically more sustainable.

Create your own reality

By working on yourself and feeling better, you’ll start radiating positivity. You work together with the Universe and create our own reality that deals with negativity but focuses on positivity and love. Positive energy is, just as negative energy, contagious (ever felt depressed after watching the news or felt blissful after seeing someone smiling while you walk past?). You’ll inspire others in becoming better people too with your positive energy. And that is exactly what our world in 2022 needs.