Green Friday

Green Friday

Last year I wrote about Black Friday and questioned if this was still a relevant concept. Because personally, my inner feelings tell me differently. They tell me we shouldn’t stimulate overconsumption. But now, a year later, something amazing happened: the rise of Green Friday. The sustainable initiative of the Netherlands to make people more conscious of the effect of their buying behavior. Run by the organization Trees for All. And I LOVE it. Because together we can achieve so much more and I have the feeling we, as humanity, are finally taking the right actions to preserve our Earth.

Why Green Friday?

On Green Friday we (companies and Trees for All) make a statement against Black Friday: the day when screaming discounts and cheap deals are flying around us. Using discounts and great deals, Black Friday greatly encourages impulse buying and overconsumption. And with that we are rapidly depleting our beautiful earth.

Trees for All believes that things can and must be done differently. And so do I! That's why we go for Green Friday on Black Friday. We encourage businesses and consumers to invest in a green planet. How? By buying and selling sustainable and second-hand products. By repairing or recycling items. And by giving something back to the earth: trees for the Green Friday Forest!

How I implement it

By participating in Green Friday, Earth Friendly Gift Box has committed to donate at least 10 trees. But I want to make more impact, so I’ve come up with another idea. If you buy products or gift boxes on Green Friday, I’ll donate 10% of your order value to Trees for All. This way we can plant more trees, encourage people to buy sustainable products instead of cheap deals and start making up for all the harm that we are doing.

Will you join me?